Tracing Your Family Tree

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Genealogy, geneology, family history, ancestry, whatever you call it and however you spell it ,like me, you’re probably trying to learn more about your  family tree.

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“Around the summer of 2003 I decided that it would be a good idea to try and trace my family tree in England.

I didn’t know how to trace family history online and I knew even less of my ancestors.

I sketched out the basics of my genealogy, parents, grandparents, surnames, ages, dates of death etc, and I pretty quickly had established the ‘starting blocks’ Soon after this I quickly subscribed to some of the online family history websites and started searching for all of the ‘missing links’.

After several months I had managed to build a pretty good picture of what my family history looked like.

Along the way I stumbled on ‘small’ websites and ‘free’ stuff that would have made life a lot simpler.

After a lot more snooping around I discovered that 90% of all the data I had gathered was available online and for free, it’s just a question of knowing where to look.

Whilst there are dozens of commercial companies offering ‘access to millions of records’, there are tens of thousands of small websites, just like this one, sharing their research to ALL who care to look.

The trick, of course, is how do you find them?.”